Featured products: Space BrandMe iPad Stand| Industry: Retail | Client: Qover

The Customer

Qover is a popular online insurance company with plug & play solutions. 

As part of their offerings to customers, Qover sells bike insurance in bike stores (available in France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, and England).

The Challenge

The Qover insurance solution is done 100% digitally. They wanted to enable bike store customers to digitally simulate an insurance offer, receive an offer by email, and if they wish,  pay for it directly.

In most bicycle shops, merchants are not equipped to sell digitally. So they had to come up with a solution they could easily implement within stores. 

The Solution

Qover chose our Brandme Floor Stand with the Space Enclosure to present their tablets. Choosing the Brandme stand, enabled Qover to add their own logo (and message) on the brandable panel. The additional add-on Tray is being used to place and present their flyers and other materials in an organized way.  By adding Compulocks’ tablet floor stands to each shop, Qover was able to provide bike merchants with a dedicated digital solution that is easy to use and can fit into any store. 


Customer Feedback

“We are very satisfied with the solution offered by Compulocks. Now, our tablets are well secured and displayed, and the fact that we can add our branding is a plus! The shipment was fast.”


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